About Us

Masquerade is a marriage of Life, Style & Choice, communicated by the defining principle ‘An Alternative View’.

Mediastar Worldwide is a unique boutique-publishing house that owns and manages exclusive publications that are beautifully crafted with highest level of care and attention from beginning to end, and are highly specialised in relation to their subsequent segment and market.  A publishing house that recognises, continually evolving for the betterment of providing a media instrument that is in tune with its audience and creating a future for which imagination, inspiration and innovation are more important than the mere use of analysis and logic to understand the need and desires of the market.

Mediastar Worldwide is headquartered out of the UK, with offices in Germany, Paris, Dubai. Under its ownership and guidance is the flagship and highly respected ‘Masquerade Magazine’, which represents the echelons of highest standards for which we believe is the minimum benchmark for all our publications.

Masquerade Magazine was derived from a need to reconnect and deliver a solid yet simple, first class lifestyle publication in harmony with the diverse and intricate world market of today. We create experiences so that the reader is engulfed on an adventure, an escape, and not in danger of just becoming a passive reader, delivered and retained through memorable, insightful fulfilling features and preserved through beautiful, bold and dynamic imagery.

Furthermore, Masquerade Magazine focuses on redefining the term ‘Luxury’, as 'An Alternative View’ and we believe that luxury should not necessarily be defined as an object of unattainability but as a moment of enrichment & enlightenment, wanderlust and the splendour in the discovery of the unknown, very much defined by sentimental value. In essence, our ideals of ‘Luxury’, are where cultural heritage meets innovative creativeness.